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Culture Vulture Hurrah!

Culture Vulture Hurrah!

Be A Culture Vulture

Creating a company culture of learning and aspiration creates employees that are not driven by their hourly rate. Instead, you get passionate employees that take ownership and feel more satisfied in their work because they are part of something greater than themselves.

Look into the Well

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Sometimes the hardest thing for us to see is ourselves. This is especially true when we’re looking for what is not working in our business. Too often when a restaurant isn’t working and you ask the owner, “what is the problem?” they will answer, “Not enough customers.”

There are always customers. People will always eat out and indulge in a great food experience. The real question is, why aren’t the customers coming back? Don’t be afraid to point the finger at yourself and examine what you may be doing to hold yourself back. Could be your menu, could be cleanliness, could be as simple where you purchase your ingredients.


Maintaining Standards is a Team effort

Maintaining Standards is a Team effort

As the business owner or even as a front line employee, you must have STANDARDS that you believe in and maintain. The standards normally come from the top and work their way down. If you are not firm and do not live your own standards than

no one else will follow you.  From cleanliness to customer service, if you start to let it slide so will everyone else in your company.

If you created the right Culture (see above) than the entire team can contribute to creating, implementing and maintaining your standards so it doesn’t feel as difficult and you can all move forward.

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