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Daytripper: Philly

Philadelphia, like its sister city Paris, is best in the spring. We are nearing the end of the season so get to it while the weather is comfortable, the flowers are in bloom and everyone is still excited to be wearing shorts!

I bounced down to Philly last week to eat, drink coffee, wine and take in the scene. First stop, Vetri. My brother Adam Leonti is the chef de cuisine there so I always make a point of stopping in, grabbing tastes and chatting with the amazing

Vetri on Spruce and 13th

Vetri on Spruce and 13th

kitchen team. I didn’t have time to sit and eat this visit, however, if you are looking to drop some coin on enjoying one of the top two eating experiences of your life (no matter how extensively you may have traveled or eaten) make a reservation (two months in advance) and tick this box off your bucket list.

Now it’s lunchtime so I head to 23rd and Arch where the Philly Phair Market has set up shop.

Phair Market, new this year.

Phair Market, new this year.

They just opened in May for the inaugural season and it already rocks! No big crowds, easy parking and great vendors. Local 215 is your jam for a tasty lunch with proteins you can trust. They stay true to their name

and offer foods from surrounding farms that are raised ethically and sustainably and then cooked deliciously.

Rival Bros serving up hot and iced coffee drinks at Phair Market

Rival Bros serving up hot and iced coffee drinks at Phair Market

After you get that food in your stomach the caffeine jones starts calling but have no fear Rival Brothers Coffee Roasters café on wheels is parked near by serving great coffee with a bit of charm. Wander around, buy antiques, eat more food from Delicias Food or Tot cart and take in the sun.

Tons of great dinner spots in Eagles country but I just had to sit at Amis. The third child in the Vetri Familia restaurants

run by chef Brad Spence with a casual environment, open kitchen and amazing menu. Though the spinach pasta, and swordfish meatballs were amazing, the scallop crudo with raw beets was what stuck with me. The texture and flavors were simple and perfect.

Between the scallops, panna cotta and excellent beer list I was buzzed for the rest of the night.

Delicious panna cotta at Amis.

Delicious panna cotta at Amis.

Luckily I’m in one of Philly’s nicest neighborhoods so I enjoy the warm evening and stroll around the historic streets and indulge in the romance of a great town.

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