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Allow me to introduce you…New wine to the New World

Since this is our start-up issue, I reached out to my friend and wine professional Nicholas De Rosa from Winebow to share a special wine that is in no way new to wine, but is in fact new to the United States.  Villa Remotti is making its US premier through Winebow.

First Time in US

Villa Remotti is a producer in Fubine Monferrato in the famous Piemonte region of Italy not far from Torino where the ‘Slow Food Movement‘ began. The vineyard was established only ten years ago by Raffaella Rossi and her husband Riccardo Garosci with a focus on very small but high quality wine production. Only 2 hectares producing Barbera d’Asti grapes exclusively.

a glass to enjoy anytime…

This wine is the result of an effort by Winebow to rebuild its Piemonte portfolio from the ground up.  Nick loves how versatile this bottle is…

“This wine fits into the sweet spot on the wine list, that under $40 price point. Barbera is the everyday wine of Piemonte. it goes with everything from first course meats to braised lamb or pork.”

This is the first time this wine has been exported to American soil and thus fulfilling its dream of being enjoyed by some of the biggest know-it-alls in the world.

Nick: “These wines (Barbera) are for the everyman. Nebbiolo is the grape of nobility where as Dollcetto and Barbera are for us, real people, no Ascot required.”


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